Picnic wedding inspiration

It may be the dead of winter, but we’re thinking spring with this picnic-themed wedding!

Spread red and white checkered tablecloths over picnic tables, or pair traditional tables with red umbrellas.  Create cute decor with lanterns, baskets of red apples, and clusters of country flowers like gerbera daisies and orange poppies.  Keep menus sweet and simple; serve cartons of milk, fresh squeezed lemonade, candied apples, and bite-sized sandwiches.  Instead of a traditional wedding cake, give your guests miniature cherry pies.  And if you happen to have an old red pickup truck, use it as decor!  The bed of the truck makes a great dessert table.

Wedding dress: Watters
Bridesmaid dress: Modcloth
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Glamorous Country Wedding

I often ask myself…..what makes a good wedding photographer?? Is it how many weddings they have shot? Is it how many years they have been in business?  Is it how cool their logo is???  While yes experience is important for me what makes a good wedding photographer is their ability to make me feel something and stop me in my tracks and say HOLY SHIT that is an amazing picture!  I have been stalking Courtney’s blog for a few months now and I am honored to have her for the first time on the Hot Pink Brides Blog.  I must tell you when I saw this wedding I did stop and say out loud HOLY SHIT!  Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Country Elegance….

It is gloomy and yucky here in Florida today so a quick sunny trip to California via AWESOME Jasmine Star’s photographs is just what I needed. Enjoy this yummy wedding…..
Jasmine Star Collage