Romantic Trash the Dress in Mexico

Trash the Dress

Out and About in Austin: Bridal Portraits

Most brides only get to wear their wedding gown for one day so we love seeing a bride get to rock out her dress in an extra fun portrait session that is all about her! Cory Ryan Photography did an amazing job of capturing some fun filled moments and unique details for this beautiful and modern bride. Here at Hot Pink Brides, we can never resist a photograph that includes a vintage camera so as you can imagine, we couldn’t get enough of this session! If you are as in love with your dress as you should be, consider having a portrait session done after the wedding so that you can spend some extra time enjoying that amazing feeling!

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Savage Beauty: trash the dress

Melanie of Ottawa-based Melanie Rebane Photography shot this AMAZING trash the dress engagement session.  The theme was inspired by last year’s retrospective of Alexander McQueen at the New York City MET, “Savage Beauty.”  Bride Deborah, whose upcoming wedding is also McQueen themed, wanted a cutting edge e-session that allowed her to trash her old McCaffrey Couture wedding gown and start new with her husband-to-be.

“Taking inspiration from the forest animals collection and some of the recent collections incorporating florals, we set out to create something edgy and beautiful,” Melanie said.


Trash the Dress with Paint


This dress really is a piece of artwork.  From the imagination of Mandy Paige Photography enjoy!


Trash the Dress | Jamaican Style

Jamaica is probably my favorite place in the whole wide world….well of all the places I have been so far 🙂  This amazing trash the dress from Courtney Dellafiora is just another reason for me to love Jamaica even more…

Costa Rican Wedding

Costa Rican wedding with an add on trash the dress from T J Durnan Photography.   I think I need a tropical vacation because this beach looks AMAZING!

Trash the Dress with Colored Paint

I am so excited to share this unique trash the dress session with you all!  Sent in from Dove Wedding Photography Happy Wedding Wednesday hot pink darlings 🙂

Amazing Photo Thursday

Not much to say about this photo but WOWza!!  So romantic and stunning from Shandro Photography have a good Thursday everyone.

Day after in the country….

Where should you do a day after session? A cow pasture????? OK here you go…..

tab-mccausland-photographerPhoto Credit: Tab McCausland