Sareh Nouri Fall 2016 Collection

NEW YORK, Fall Bridal Fashion Week, fashion designer Sareh Nouri, introduced her Fall 2016 collection at The London Hotel in NYC.  For this collection Sareh pulled elements and inspiration from her Persian heritage. A history rich in art that is defined by detailed designs and patterns visualized in its mosaics, calligraphy, miniature paintings and intricate weaving.
 “The fabrics, laces and patterns that I selected and designed for this collection are reminiscent of an ancient, yet modern artistic culture” said Sareh Nouri. From the layering of sophisticated laces to the long dramatic trains, each dress in the collection lends itself to detail, intricacy and romance with the use of long lace sleeves, dramatically detailed backs and elegant embellishments. The collection stays true to its mission of light-weight and ultra-luxurious gowns, each with impeccable structure and fit with a built-in bustier, entirely hand-sewn in the U.S.A. Sareh Nouri’s exquisite Fall 2016 collection captures the essence of chic luxury inspired by traditional design, directly reflecting the designer herself and her Persian heritage, further setting her apart as a leader in the fashion industry. 


Gowns & veils: Sareh Nouri

Photography: Syed Yaqeen

Headpieces: Jennifer Behr

Makeup: Deborah Roberto

Hair: Liane Wunderlich

Here are some of our fav photos of the new collections….

Miriam SYP_4498

Kamelia Dress Kamelia

Mona Lisa Mona Lisa

SYP_4655 YasmineSYP_4431SYP_4431

Orlando Perfect Wedding Bridal Show

If you are not in Orlando, Florida this Sunday ummmmm you should be!  Over 130 of the best wedding vendors in town all in one place.  Info is below and if you see a big bootie blonde with pink stripes in her hair….it’s me so say HI!

ORL_Sep Vendor Badge

An Interview with “The Becker”

Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing Becker from Becker Photography who has spent over 15 years capturing wedding day memories for happy couples. 

What made you decide to become a wedding photographer?

I was trying my luck as a fashion photographer right out of high school… but honestly got sick of working with those crazy models. I had shot a few weddings (mostly for people getting remarried) and to be honest, I didn’t really like taking all the typical, boring, posed wedding photos. Then I was introduced to the idea of shooting most of the wedding day as a photojournalist, documenting the moments as they unfolded, balanced with a few of my signature relaxed portraits and I’ve never looked back.

What do you love most about your job?

I love showing up when people are dressed up, looking good, and happy! My clients invite me into their lives, trust me to do what I do, and I take pride in taking the best possible photos that I can.



What challenges come with being a wedding photographer?

Well, after doing it as long as I have, the challenge is to find a way to keep it fresh, I try not to take the same images over and over, weekend after weekend. I am always trying to mix it up, trying to grow as an artist and do something new and different.

Tell us a little bit about your process from booking to image delivery. 

Oh man, there’s so much that goes into “the entire process”. Some folks say wedding photographers are paid “so much” for just a few hours of work on a Saturday. They don’t realize that for EVERY hour we are at the wedding, we spend about 8-10 hours usually in the office processing photos, building albums, editing, Photoshopping, etc…

But throughout my entire process, I just try to keep it relaxed and comfortable (same as on the wedding day). These days, most of my clients book me over the phone or after a Skype consultation. I like to do an engagement session if at all possible because I want to get to know the couple and I want them to get used to my pace and style of shooting. The more comfortable they get with me, the smoother things seem to go on the wedding day.

After the wedding, we blog a few of our favorites a couple days later, then a couple weeks later, we put the proofs online. As a part of our signature service, we offer to design the album for our clients, but we also allow them to choose the images if they prefer.

I know as a photographer, I am biased, but I think the photos are so important to a wedding. After all, when it’s all said and done, the flowers are dead, the food has been eaten and the band has played. All you are left with are images… and I put my heart and soul into making sure you’ll cherish them for a lifetime.



Do you have a favorite memory while shooting a wedding?

Well, I’ve been to close to 600 weddings now and I still love what I do. I think my favorite moments are usually when shooting the bride, then showing her mom & the bridesmaids a preview on the back of my camera. Everyone gets so excited and then the bride smiles even more and I keep shooting!

What advice can you give to couples who are currently looking for their wedding photographer?

Like I mentioned early, you are stuck looking at your wedding photos for the rest of your life… photography is not the area to skimp. I recommend doing your research on the internet (check out a site like… be sure to check out dozens and dozens of photographers, then contact maybe 10 or so whose work you really love, then meet with a handful and hire the one you feel most comfortable with.

Of course you should start by checking out 😉




Perfectly Pink Plus a Cameo by Charlie Crist

Ashley and David had an AMAZING pink inspired wedding in St. Pete, FL. It started off early at the Renaissance Vinoy with the guys and gals getting ready. Ashley had a beautiful dress that was made from, well we’re guessing miles of organza it’s fluffy, full and faaaaaancy! Her girls were sporting black dresses with pink heels, which we of course absolutely love. The ceremony was held at Christ the King Catholic Church, then they celebrated back at the Vinoy. Where, yes, they ran into Charlie Crist and his amazingly always perfectly coiffed hair, he’s like Roger Sterling minus the cigarettes and booze.

Photographer:  Carrie Wildes Photography//Equipment Rentals: Signature Event Rentals//Makeup Artist: Brandi Lynn Tort MakeupHair//Floral Designer: Carmen’s Flowers//Linens and Coverings: Connie Duglin Linens//Event Planner: Days Remembered by ND//Dress Store: Emelina’s Bridal & Boutique//Transportation: His & Hers Limousines //Lighting: inspire//Cinema and Video: movie magic productions//Officiant:Officient//Event Planner:Renaissance Vinoy Resort//Equipment Rentals: Signature Events By Design LLC//Cake Designer:Stephanie Petitta//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Jamberry Jubilee!!

We love trying new products! Especially if it’s fancy and easy to apply. Jamberry Nails is just that! Raise your hand if you’ve ever so carefully applied fingernail polish and waited forever for them to dry only to smudge or chip it. It’s infuriating. Well fear no more Jamberry has you covered and will most certainly lower your blood pressure when it comes to polish application.

Jamberry is a lot different than the other nail stickers available on the market. Most available off the shelf are still a type of nail polish. This means if you open the package and don’t apply right away they will dry out. They’ll also chip off your nails like regular polish. Or worse yet rip as you’re applying them *insert extremely annoyed face here*. A couple of brands we tried left a sticky residue on our nails. Another even ripped layers off our nails leaving them brittle and sore.

First off Jamberry Nails has over 100 different designs, including college teams. And now they have a design center so you can make your own designs! Imagine having your logo or wedding design on your nails! We loved how easy the application process was. The hardest part…picking out the design, we finally chose Summer Sunburst.

We got a ton of compliments. Back to the application process. We matched up the size we needed and cut the shield to size. We made sure to heat it really well (using our blow dryer) then applied onto our clean filed nails. Extra care was taken to apply plenty of pressure on the shield to ensure a tight seal. We trimmed and filed the ends and voila a perfect manicure! All ten fingers only took 15 minutes to accomplish, the same amount of time (even less maybe) to paint and wait for polish to dry. Our nails lasted a good two weeks before they started to look a little ragged on the edge, which was easy to fix by just refiling the nail. That’s with a lot of abuse too. We dug around in the garden without gloves, washed the car, bathed the dog, and went swimming every day. They held strong, never ripped or peeled. Even better each sheet has enough shields to cover nails or toes up to 3 times!

So if you’d like a chance to win a set of Jamberry Nail Shields visit Jamberry Nails and tell us which set you’d like in the comments 🙂




And check out this quick video on how easy it really is to apply and remove the nails.

Vintage Clothing Goodness

We saw The Great Gatsby this past weekend from Baz Luhrmann and man did we get in a tizzy over the costume designs.  It’s become very obvious that we were born in the wrong decade. Luckily our friends from Shabby Apple are here to help us out with some great vintage clothing options. Shabby Apple has some darling dresses that would be perfect for a garden party engagement party or maybe even a swankier peplum dress for an evening wedding. Most of their sizes fit from a zero up to a 16. So there’s something for all shapes and sizes. Most of their items have reviews so you’ll exactly how it fits your body shape. Still not sure? They’ve made it even easier to order for your silhoutte by using their Fit to Flatter style guide. Three easy questions and BOOM you have tons of styles just for your body style.

Make sure to check some of the other items Shabby Apple carries. They have vintage swimwear and wedding inspired jewelry (including a super sweet Mrs. sterling silver necklace). We can’t wait to try out a couple of their high waisted skirts at our upcoming weddings.

Let us know which vintage clothing style you like best from Shabby Apple!


We were contacted by a new (and delicious) alcoholic dessert beverage called Delicia *Dee-lee-cia*. Truthfully we give it four thumbs up. The flavors we tried were Peaches & Cream and Strawberries & Cream. We’re headed out today to find the Whipped flavor so we can make their Summer Fling Punch. We were also impressed by the clean & stylish packaging. For a malt beverage it’s very classy, this is NOT a stand on the corner with your Colt 45 drink (also ew yuck).

We really liked the Strawberries & Cream. It’s very light and crisp with just the right amount of bubbles. The bottle also pops like champagne which always make for a fun time. The Peaches & Cream was also good. It was very sweet and you can really taste the cream. Make sure to check out Delicia’s site (if you’re over 21, it is alcohol afterall) for extra party & girl’s night out ideas too. They have four different flavors; Strawberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Red Velvet, and Whipped. Delicia retails for around $6.99 at local retailers. We already found ours at the local Aldi’s. Have your cake and sip it too!


We have a new vendor with a pretty awesome idea to keep your guests busy and entertained the whole night. Geronimo is a real-time social messaging service for weddings and events. I’m sure you’ve all seen real-time messaging. Our days are filled with it now, it’s on reality tv hash-tagging away and even running at the bottom of live news coverage. Geronimo has taken it and made it a fun and positive way for your guests to interact with you and other guests. Your guests will be given a dedicated phone number with which they can text in well wishes and requests for kisses. A web page featuring these live messages from your guests can be displayed at your wedding on a television or video screen. Not only that but Geronimo can be easily integrated with your DJ’s video setup.

Guests can request music:



Or just send out well wishes….


Now here’s the kicker, the Geronimo service is ridiculously affordable!! Starting cost is $40 for up to 300 messages. Have some overzealous guests that just can’t put down their phone? Then upgrade to a THOUSAND messages for $100.

Want to see it in action? Click on this link and try it out for yourself. Just text a message to the phone number provided and watch your message appear.

Like it? Love it? Then make sure to jump on over to their Facebook page and enter to win to have Geronimo at your wedding. One lucky bride will win maybe it’ll be you. The winner will be chosen on July 1st so hurry and enter!

Getting Married? Tell the world with your own Wix wedding website

Building your own wedding website is a great way to share the good news! Plus it is free and it is extremely easy!  With Wix wedding template you can easily build an all-in-one website where you can provide family members, friends and colleagues with all the information needed for the upcoming event. This way, you can save yourself the stress of emails and phone calls by including all relevant data in one place, complete with images, maps and an RSVP button.

Later, you can turn your free website into a beautiful, easy to update wedding album, with all your best images and videos from the engagement, bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding event and of course – the honeymoon.

Here are some of the features provides you with and should be on every wedding website, so you can have as carefree event as possible:

  • An RSVP form: This will make it easy on your guests to respond quickly via your website, therefore sparing you and them the hassle of phone calls and emails confirming their presence.
  • Events calendar: An elegant, super-friendly feature to let your friends and family know of related upcoming events (bachelor/bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.) complete with maps.
  • Google maps and a customized contact form: You can include a customized contact form so your guests can contact you quickly through your website with any questions they may have. Adding a Google map will make it easier on your guests to find the venue when the time is right.
  • Gift registry: You can create your own online gift registry and let your guests know of your gift preferences. You can also easily add brands’ logos and linkable websites.
  • An online guest book: You can further personalize your website by adding an online guest book, where friends and family members can share their thoughts and wishes.
  • Wedding Countdown: A cool ticker that will get you and your loved ones extra-excited about your big day.
  • Accommodation: A helpful category that will let your guests know where they can stay prior to the big event and after it.
  • Your special song playing in the background: You can add an audio widget that will start playing your favorite song when people enter your website, and can be manually stopped or paused by your website visitors.


Here are some of the wedding templates that Wix makes available to you.

Special Offer!

Enter promo code hotpinkbrides221 when upgrading your site and get 10% off all yearly plans (Valid until April 20th,2013)
Visit today, and start creating your custom wedding website!  Have fun!

Must-have vendors who get overlooked

We’ve spoken with a lot of brides over the years, and many tell us they’re cutting costs on three essential vendors.  Here’s why a professional photographer, hair and makeup stylist, and wedding planner are must-haves for a stress-free wedding day:

1. A professional photographer

Flowers crumble and cake dries, but wedding photos last a lifetime.  They’re the images your kids will flip through, and the pictures you’ll display on your 50th wedding anniversary.  This is one vendor you don’t want to scrimp on.

We emphasize professional photographer.  You may have a family member or friend who’s an aspiring photographer.  While you could hire him for free or almost nothing, you’re taking a huge risk.  Uncontracted photographers are not liable if your photos are poor quality or lost.  Your wedding day memories can easily turn into a nightmare.  Don’t risk a friendship in order to save a few bucks.  Make the sacrifice with the money and pay for a professional photographer who fits your personality and style.  Ensure that your memories are preserved forever with a photographer you can count on to deliver.

2. Hair and makeup stylists

The number one reason to get your hair and makeup professionally done?  Less stress.  Don’t let a bad hair day or messy makeup ruin your morning.  Hair and makeup is a way to pamper yourself before the wedding.  While you might be able to do your own day-to-day makeup, professionals know how to make it last from the first kiss to the last dance.  Plus your skin will be flawless in the photos.  Don’t look back at the pictures (taken by your professional photographer) and regret that you didn’t look your best.

If you’re going to splurge on one thing for your wedding, make it hair and makeup.  Take money from an unnecessary expense in your budget.  It’ll be well worth it.

3. Wedding planner

Whether she’s with you in the early planning stages or just on your wedding day, a wedding planner handles all the little details that easily get overlooked.  She’s organized hundreds of weddings, while you’ll only have one.  On the day of your wedding, you don’t want to worry about whether the caterer is on time or the décor is right.  A wedding planner ensures your day is stress free, coordinating all the wedding vendors for you.

As a working woman, you already have a busy life.  A wedding planner works with your schedule to ensure every aspect of your wedding day is perfect.  Let your wedding planning be a worry-free experience so you can focus on yourself and your upcoming marriage.  Wedding coordinators will help make your dream wedding a reality.

Photo by Braedon Photography.