Fall in Love with Your Skin and be a Glowing Bride

Hello gorgeous brides!! The lovely folks at DHC Skincare sent us some wonderful samples to try out and we LOVED them! If your wedding coming up and you are looking for ways to look and feel even more beautiful on your special day, check out the amazing products DHC has to offer!

I absolutely loved their Deep Cleansing Oil, which is an olive-based formula. How awesome is that?! I was a little weary when I first tried it as I always get nervous about putting more “oil” on my skin but it was awesome! It not only helped to dissolve my makeup but it also helped to remove my excess skin oil and dirt! It left my face feeling and even looking super soft! And, who doesn’t want that?!


Photo credit: DHC

Another super cool product that they sent us is their Face Wash Powder. Yes… I said powder! This product is SO cool! It is PERFECT to travel with because it is so light weight. Don’t get me wrong though, just because it’s light weight doesn’t mean that it isn’t a heavy fighter against all things that ruin your complexion. I could feel it working and thought that the powder-to-foam wash was super simple and easy to use. It didn’t leave my skin feeling dull or dry. It actually exfoliated and left it feeling refreshed and hydrated.


Photo credit: DHC

They also sent us their Eyelash Tonic which helps nourish strong and healthy lashes, the Clarifying Pore Cover Base which minimizes pores and combats shine, their Q10 Mask which helps promote firmer and younger-looking skin and their Olive Virgin Oil Swabs which are convenient, individually wrapped olive oil enriched swabs to help cleanse delicate areas, sooth cuticles and erase makeup mishaps as well. I can’t say enough!

So, if you’re looking to vamp up your skincare routine and get gorgeous, healthy and glowing skin for your BIG day, like the bride below, be sure to check DHC out!




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