Unique, Chic Concepts For The Best Day Of Your Life


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If you grow up with a group of close friends, you’ll usually find that you all get married at roughly the same time. That’s because most people aren’t as unique and different as they’d hope. We do all follow a set path through life. So, on average, you’re probably going to get a proposal in your early twenties and be wed before you’re 25. The people you grew up with will be having their own weddings at the same time. This means that it’s difficult to ensure your wedding stands out from the rest and feels unique. But, we do have a few ideas that should make it easier to ensure your wedding feels original and fresh.


Play With The Seating


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One of the ways that you can make your wedding a little different is to change the seating. Traditionally, the seating at the ceremony is in lines, pointed towards the bride and groom. But there’s no reason why you can’t plan things a little differently. For instance, you can position the chairs so that they form a circle with you and your partner in the center. This will make your wedding feel and look unique. It will also lead to some stunning pictures if planned correctly. Make sure you ask your wedding planner about this possibility and don’t just settle for typical ideas.


Choose An Awesome Location


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Alternatively, you may want to think a little bigger and instead make your wedding unique by choosing an unforgettable location. For instance, if you have a beach wedding in Hawaii you can get married on the sand, barefoot! How cool is that? The best part is that you’ve got an excuse that will allow you to only invite family and friends who you feel particularly close to. Anyone else won’t be able to come because the wedding will be too far away and possibly too expensive. Of course, Hawaii isn’t the only killer location for your wedding.


You could also choose to have your wedding somewhere there is romance and thrills for all. For instance, a wedding in Italy could be a wonderful choice. Particularly, if you adopt some of the italian wedding traditions. It will make your ceremony truly special.


Build Up Those Contacts


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Once you’re married things change a little. Instead of sending out separate Christmas cards each year, you write them and send them out together. How about making sure that you have all the contact information you need? You can do this by encouraging guests to leave the address and contact details as part of the ceremony. Better yet, have an address book at the entrance where guests can write their details as well as a lovely little note on your wedding day. It’s a little spin on the classic guestbook often put out by the happy couple.


Facts And Thoughts


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Finally, at your reception, how about leaving little information cards about you and your partner on the tables for your guests. This will allow them to learn things that they never knew about you and it’s a fun little add on. Unlike some of the other ideas it won’t cost a fortune, but it will certainly create an impact.


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These are great suggestions to make your wedding stand out while still being original and authentic. Choosing a unique location and leaving information cards for your guests are ways to make your wedding one to remember. Papilio Boutique can help in the dress department if your looking for a stylish and chic dress!

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