Bella Italia: Why You Should Consider An Italian Themed Wedding

Your wedding day is the most romantic day of your life, and it is also a day that demands a lot of preparation: From going on a fitness boot camp program to choosing where your guests will sit, there is a lot to think about. So much in fact, that it is easy to forget about what wedding means: A day of romance. What is more romantic than Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other? While you may want to leave treason and death at the end out of your special day – Shakespeare’s unforgettable love story didn’t care for a happy ending – you can still find some precious wedding inspiration in it, especially if you are considering an Italian themed wedding.


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Why Should You Choose Italy?

Two households, both alike in dignity

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene…

The beautiful story of Romeo and Juliet plays in Verona, which is a city in northern Italy. It is not any city, though: They call it the City of Love. So, what best inspiration for a day of love than to give your vows in an environment that will remind your guests and yourself of Romeo and Juliet’s love? But, there is more to Italy than just Romeo and Juliet. Italy is a warm and sunny country that has a long history of romance, beauty and strong emotions that are embedded in its culture. This is the country of birth of the Renaissance, and this makes Italy a place that combines beauty and love under the sun. While you may not be able to set your wedding ceremony in Italy, you can certainly plan your honeymoon there. In the meantime, why not set the scene with an Italian décor for your big day?


What Makes Your Décor Italian?

As you are thinking about putting a bit of Italy into your wedding day, you need to consider a few elements to get things completely right. The perfect Italian Catering is at the heart of your celebration, as this will immediately give it a sunny side that your guests won’t forget. But why not go down the DIY route to add cute touches that will make all the differences, such as hand labeled bottles of olive oil on the tables, a small glass of limoncello liquor for your guests, and why not some scented candles with lavender, lemon, and rosemary to complete to picture? You can pick a location that focuses on simple stone and white washed walls décor, with a great view onto a garden or the sea.


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Make It Count, The Italian Way

You can also add an extra touch of Italian romance with the creation of your own vows that could address the bride as Bellissima, for example. Also, you can just as well get a live Italian band to accompany you as you walk through the aisle. There are plenty of options to bring a sense of Italian lifestyle into your day and make it a unique discovery of romance and love for your guests and yourself.  




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