Why Writing Your Own Vows Is So Special


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If you’re looking for ways to make your big day that bit more special and personal to you, why not consider writing your own wedding vows? While there’s a lot of thought and effort involved in something like this, it’s a beautiful way to enter into married life. Plus there’s a whole lot of benefits in doing so. Here are some of the reasons you should write your own wedding vows!


They Can Be Customized To Your Relationship

Writing your own vows allows you to draw on your experiences together so far. For example, in this article, a bride-to-be addresses her dear future husband and reflects on the things she loves about him. If you feel as though you don’t know where to start, doing something like this beforehand could give you something to work from when writing your vows.


You Can Choose The Tone

Traditional wedding vows are exactly that… traditional. But if this doesn’t fit with the theme of your wedding then vows written by you and your partner will work much better. Whether you’re wedding is more whimsical or even if you want to keep things a little more lighthearted, writing your own vows can allow you to do this. Just make sure you and your partner are on the same page. As if one of you wants something heartfelt and the other’s is laced with comedy it could cause a bit of a surprise on the big day!


You Can Choose The Meaning

Many traditional wedding vows are based on God and religion, but if you and your groom aren’t religious, then these won’t be fitting to you. Instead, you can decide on exactly what you want to promise to your partner throughout your wedding.


It Adds a Personal Touch To Your Wedding

Your wedding is about the relationship between you and your partner. So why wouldn’t the vows- technically one of the most important aspects of the wedding- be about you too? While traditional vows can be beautiful, if you don’t want to recite the same thing as millions of other couples before you then writing your own vows is a great way to go.


It’s More Interesting For The Guests

As well as being a commitment between you and the groom, you have asked your friends and family along to the wedding as you want them to share your big day. Writing your own vows gives loved ones an incredible insight into your relationship. Whether you want to make them laugh or make them cry, custom vows will always be more interesting to hear.


You Can Frame Them Afterward

After the wedding, you can have the wedding vows you both wrote made into a beautiful, one-off piece of art. This is a really special memento of the day, and plus it serves as a reminder of the path you want your marriage to take. Sites like Etsy have lots of artists and designers who are fantastic at putting together pieces like this.


Photo credit: Pexels



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