Choosing the Right Wedding Car

Everybody knows that your wedding is your day, but there are a few little things that really make it for your man too (besides knowing he’s going to be spending the rest of his life with you of course). From the moment he sees you taking those first steps down the aisle and you can see his eyes well up (but not really) to the moment he first steps up to the bar after he’s a married man (more likely), and your first night together as husband and wife (most definitely), there are parts of the day that you know he will always remember.

There is one moment in the day though that you can’t help but feel is just for him. Even though you really want that horse and cart you know that your man really wants to drive off in an Aston Martin with “just married” written on the back window, and let’s face it, that’s not too shabby for you either.

Most car dealers will be able to tell you the best choice for renting out a wedding car, but you could let your fiancée be in charge of this one thing (and only this thing!) If your husband wants something sporty then the aforementioned Aston is probably a good choice, but a shiny new (or even a classic old) Jaguar will be sure to light up his little face too. And then there’s always the real classic that’s definitely not something to be sniffed at: a Rolls Royce is definitely going to make your friends jealous, make your man’s day, and make sure you’re a lot more comfortable than you would have been bouncing along after a horse.

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