How to Choose your Bridemaid Dress

Finding the perfect bridesmaids dresses can be tricky as you want to make sure that they fit the wedding’s theme as well as making sure that the bridesmaids will love wearing them. Both the dresses and the bridesmaids come in different shapes and sizes so you need to find a dress that everyone is comfortable wearing. Here are some steps you should consider during your hunt to finding the best dress. Let’s hop to it!

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1. Consider the preference from both the bride and the bridesmaids
While you probably have fairly fixed ideas in mind about what you want your bridesmaid dresses to look like, it would be a good idea to ask each one of your bridesmaids about their opinion. If the bridesmaids are allowed to contribute towards the decision, your wedding day may go even smoother as they all will look and feel fantastic.

2. Compliment the bridal outfit
The bridesmaid’s dresses are not supposed to look horrendous just to make the bride look spectacular in comparison. Instead, it is supposed to fit the theme of the wedding and compliment the bride by being simpler in design.

3. Listen to the bridesmaids suggestions and concerns
Again, ask the bridesmaids about preferable colours, length, design, transparency, tightness of fabric etc., as these things concern comfort – and in the end it is not the bride who is going to wear it.

4. Can the dress be used in a different occasion in the future?
If the bridesmaids are going to spend lots of money on a dress, most likely they would want to make sure that they can use the dress for a future event as it can be seen as a “waste” to spend that much money on a one time occasion.



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