Wedding Gift ideas

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be a tricky process. A lot of the time you are only familiar with one of the couple and don’t really know anything about the tastes of their significant other, you don’t want to offend! You also have to think about price and how much you think other people are spending on gifts as you don’t want to look like a cheap skate or that you are trying too hard. You could always go for something traditional like a toaster or salad tongues, but won’t everyone else? The married couple don’t want to be completely inundated with kitchen appliances!

There are so many present buying pitfalls to avoid, but luckily there have been some recent developments to the practice that are designed to help out both buyer and recipients of wedding gifts. The first is the idea of registering for gifts. You can now do this online and have a list within certain department stores where people are able to order the gift from a list accessible to them on the shop’s website. This takes all the worry out of a gift. It means that you don’t have to think about over or under spending and you know it is something the couple actually want!

Many couples are now asking for donations to be made to a charity of their choice in lieu of wedding gifts. If you are particularly close to a couple who have given up their presents for the sake of a worthy cause, perhaps you would like to give them a gift on top of your donation?

A great idea for this would be to club together with some of your friends and family and buy them something they can enjoy together. Perhaps you could pay for a romantic experience such as a hot air balloon ride for two or maybe a romantic getaway to soothe the stresses of the big day; you could book a luxury spa hotel with where the happy couple will be pampered to their heart’s content!




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