Burlap chic wedding

We love shabby chic!  So we put together this burlap chic wedding that turns ordinary potato sacks into elegant, fashion-forward accents.  Mix rough fabrics with silk and tulle in soft shades of taupe, beige, and rose.  Your wedding will be beautifully understated, the perfect balance between classic and vintage.

Wedding dress by Vera Wang
Bridesmaid dress by Ann Taylor.
All other images can be found on our Pinterest.



4 thoughts on “Burlap chic wedding
Kelli Ahern

Burlap chic INDEED! This is burlap done RIGHT! Gorgeous post.


I love the shabby chic look! You can’t go wrong

Shane Zerangue

I love the images here,, very classy and understated.. simply beautiful.

Jayson - Richmond Wedding Photographer

Burlap is beautiful when it’s done right! My only concern with trends is when they go out of style, are they going to date the wedding when the bride and good look back over their pictures in a decade or two. Don’t get me wrong, it looks cool… but for how long? -Jayson and Rachael

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