Our Top 10 Favorite Wedding Movies

(and the lessons we learned from them)

10. Mamma Mia!

Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is a young bride planning the wedding of her dreams on a beautiful Greek island.  But her mother’s past love affairs may turn the entire ceremony on its head.  We love the sumptuous details—the cliff-top chapel ceremony, delicate reception accents, and Seyfried’s Grecian goddess dress.  Beyond the fantasy venue, the film highlights the importance of keeping close with family on your big day.  And reminds us what a fabulous stylist Mom can be.

9. The Proposal

Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) is roped into a shotgun wedding after his boss Margaret (Sandra Bullock) nearly gets deported from the U.S.  What begins as a sham engagement soon gets tangled up with very real emotions.  Aside from the sexy Ryan Reynolds, we admire how Sandra’s character honors family tradition.  Small touches of respect, like a special venue or heirloom jewelry, will credit the beautiful brides who came before you. But we’d never recommend that awful dress, no matter how long it has been in the family.

8. Runaway Bride

After leaving three fiancés at the altar, will Maggie (Julia Roberts) ever make it to “I do”?  The film showcases the extreme styles a bride can choose for her wedding, from chaste traditional to rock-and-roll hippie.  But more importantly, the movie reminds brides to know themselves before running down the aisle.  Some girls want the wedding but not the marriage.  We want our brides to style their weddings according to them, not anyone else.

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

When Toula (Nia Vardalos) falls in love with a non-Greek, she must learn to accept her loud, rambunctious family and come to terms with her heritage.  While the Portokalos family makes us twitch with embarrassment, we can all relate.  This movie shows us how to find a balance between honoring and respecting our cultures without sacrificing our identities.

6. Sweet Home Alabama

Melanie (Reese Witherspoon) has achieved the life she always wanted: New York socialite, successful fashion designer, and engaged to the dreamy mayor’s son.  Only thing standing in the way of a dream wedding?  Her husband in Alabama.  You got to love Reese’s Southern sass.  This movie reminds us to embrace our homelands and love our roots.  And a stormy night on the beach makes for fantastic trash-the-dress possibilities.

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding

When Julianne (Julia Roberts) finds out her best guy friend is engaged, she stops at nothing to jeopardize the wedding and put herself back in his arms.  The wedding in this film is extravagant and gorgeous—ice sculptures, fireworks, and a pre-wedding brunch.  But the lesson a bride can take from this film is to know her own heart before marriage and be confident in the choices she makes.  Because jealousy looks good on no one.

4. Bridesmaids

In this hilariously wild film, Annie (Kristen Wiig) is a failed baker with an unraveling love life when her best friend Lillian asks her to be her maid of honor.  Annie must balance the treacherous catwalk of pre-wedding rituals while keeping her friendship intact.  The movie reminds us how important it is to put friendships first even in the craziest, most stressful pre-wedding situations.  Another must for brides?  Vegas.

3. 27 Dresses

Jane (Katherine Heigl) has loyally played the bridesmaid in 27 weddings.  But when her sister becomes engaged to the man of Jane’s dreams, she must choose between sister devotion and following her heart.  This movie teaches us that being go-to girls should not get in the way of our dreams.  Sometimes it’s sweet to be selfish.  The film also gives brides the perfect line-up of what not to make their bridesmaids wear.

2. Bride Wars

After best friends played by Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway get engaged, their wedding planner accidentally books the two ceremonies on the same day.  The ugly rivalry that ensues is both horrifying and hilarious.  This film oozes with wedding do’s and don’ts, and the ending is sweet and surprising.  It reminds us to watch those bridezilla tendencies and cherish our best friends.  Another good tip?  Never go crazy with spray tan.

1. Sex and the City

Following 10 years of broken hearts and lost chances, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Mr. Big are finally racing down the aisle.  But after her simple wedding explodes into a massive Vogue photo spread and a growing guest list, Carrie’s ceremony and relationship are both in jeopardy.  Sex and the City teaches us the power of our instincts and to never settle for less than we deserve.  While couture is fabulous, Carrie looked even more beautiful wearing what she loved.



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jacin {lovely little details}

oh such a great roundup! i have some movie watching to do this weekend, i think!


What a fun presentation and summary—lots to consider for the big day!


All of these movies are great!

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I love films, especially wedding related ones! Great post :)))

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