Be Daring with COLOR

Most of us dream in color! We have that one color that is our signature color and have a special section for it in our closets. So why not wear that special color on your biggest day? Here are just a few ways to add color to your bridal wear.

This is a trend that is slowly catching on among brides. It’s a great way to add color without overpowering your wedding gown but can definitely make a bold statement. The crinoline allows you to choose any color in the color wheel, so whether it’s pale pink or lime green, you will be able to rock it! With fall around the corner we would love to see burnt oranges and cranberry!

The most popular way to add a pop of color to any wedding gown is with some fabulous shoes. You can choose some Jimmy Choo heels or some bedazzled Converse. Either way you will stand out with your own personal style.

Custom Sashes
Many gowns have options when it comes to sashes but nothing compares to having a custom-made sash that can speak volumes of your style. Think outside the box because anything is possible. This is a way to add not only color but texture as well to your gown.

Dramatic Jewelry
We love seeing brides take a risk with their accessories, especially jewelry. We draw inspiration from Indian brides who seem to find a perfect balance between head-to-toe gorgeous jewelry and natural beauty. The perfect piece of jewelry can bring the whole bridal look together.

Wedding Gowns
A huge trend coming from the runways of New York and Barcelona for spring 2012 are colored gowns. Pale pinks, grays, and deep shades of neutral tones are taking over and leaving behind the whites and ivories. Vera Wang and Monique Ihuillier are just a couple of designers who are being inspired by color. So if you are a non-traditional bride who dreams of a pink wedding dress, this just might be your wedding gown!



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I adore a pop of color with shoes!!


I love all of these ideas!


you’ve got to love a splash of colour and each one of these adds it in its own unique way, i love to shoot indian weddings and the picture above shows just why, a beautiful set of images

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very nice images thanks a lot

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