5 Rules to Know When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

Here at Hot Pink Brides we live and breathe weddings especially bridal fashion! The perfect dress can set the tone for your wedding day so its no wonder that shopping for that amazing gown is a big deal to every bride. But often we see brides get overwhelmed and stressed during the shopping experience. We believe that these 5 rules can help make your shopping day, not only a success but a fabulous start to your wedding planning!

 photo credit : Jose Villa

#5 Rule: Don’t Forget the Extras

When setting a budget for your wedding day wear don’t forget to leave room for any accessories added to your dress, alterations and a headpiece/veil if you choose to have one. All of these extras can add up and before you know it your budget of $3,000 is $5,000! So ladies budget accordingly!


#4 Rule: Limit your Entourage

Lets be honest girls, we love an audience when we shop for our gown! But having too many people at your appointment can leave you overwhelmed and without a dress. We understand that when choosing a dress you want opinions and thoughts but too many opinions can have you second guessing and confused on what you want. What you want to do is take those who are going to be honest but supportive of your vision for your day.


#3 Rule: Compliment your Venue

When choosing your gown be mindful of your venue. You don’t want to end up with a ball gown and a beach setting! In cases like these you may want to keep your mind open to all possibles and know that if you love ball gowns and dream of a beach setting you may have to compromise.


#2 Rule: Know your body type and matching silhouette

We all know that knowing your silhouette is extremely important when choosing your gown. If you are unsure of what will fit you the best this is the time to use your consultant to the fullest after all, they are the professionals! Although many brides look through endless magazines and tear pages of their favorite gowns they must keep in mind their body type and what is going to accent their best features.


#1 Rule: Stick to your Budget

Ladies, this is our pitfall! Being the fashionistas that we are, we want to have a gorgeous dress and will go to any lengths to get it. But we must be responsible fashionistas and know what is affordable for us. So when you meet your consultant let them know what you are comfortable spending, if not you are wasting not only your time but theirs. In many cases their is another person purchasing the gown and although that relieves us from a financial burden, we must respect their limits. Setting a budget will keep you from major debt and stress.



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