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It is no secret I love Jose!  I have said it many times and I will say it again I LOVE HIM!  He is always gracious, always kind and always returns emails within a day!  Hey for a blogger the quick email thing is a big deal 🙂  So I am very excited to say that one lucky reader will win a signed (yes signed from him to you) copy of Jose’s brand new book “Fine Art Weddings”.  Simply leave a comment below telling us why you NEED this book and we will randomly pick a person on Friday, May 6th.  I wish you all the best of luck and an awesome week.



60 thoughts on “Giveaway | Jose Villa’s new book
Heather S

I NEED this book to have as a birthday gift to my sister who is a photographer; I know she would LOVE it!


I need this book because not only am I getting married, but so is my best friend. Also she is a blogger and is being published this year. That has really inspired me to start a wedding industry related blog and this book would be a great inspiration.


I neeeeeeeeeeeed this book because I need the inspiration and the insight and I would love to learn from the ‘master’ Jose.


I need this book because all i want is to take beautiful pictures of people.
I live in town lacking of inspiring people to learn from and far away from the world of real fantastic wedding industry. I wanted to study photography in two colleges here and two years in a row courses were cancelled.
If not the books, blogs, and creativeLive, I would probably gave up long time ago. It gives me motivation to get better!


Amazing! I would love a copy to learn from and share with others. I’ve heard so many good things about the book

Budget Wedding Invitations

I love wedding photography

Jennifer Ferrer

I need this book because I think Jose’s images are like yummy yummy goodness! Maybe better than red velvet cake, Tab…….. Jose is awesome. love him.

Ng Bee Ling

I’m not savvy with cameras and I’m no photographer.
Married for nearly 5 years with a girl but have yet to take bridal photos.
I need this book as I will want my bridal photos to be very Jose’s style when we have saved up enough.
Was doing a search for wedding photographer and found feldberyl (the only local photographer whom I’m impressed with).
I came across Jose’s works through feldberyl and realise that feldberyl attended Jose’s workshop.
Couldn’t much invite Jose over but will definitely use feldberyl to be close to Jose’s style.
But firstly… I need this book. 🙂


I would love to have a copy of Jose Villa’s new book. I have been following Jose for about 3 years now maybe via his blog, and now Twitter. I love his work. Its like he takes me away into another world that is so deautiful and exciting that I don’t want to leave. I am a photographer so I love to look at pretty picutures and see what other photographers are out there doing. I would love to have this book as part of my collection. I would look at it everyday. Having it signed by the man himself, well thats just the icing on the cake. Your beautiful Jose!

Dana L

I nEeEeEeEd this book! I need inspiration besides a great coffee table book for my office! I love Jose and I would love to have this book! Plus it would make it the best friday ever!

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