Sailor in Love

When I saw this vintage 40’s Navy themed engagement session aboard the USS Yorktown it was LOVE at first sight!  Big thank you to Tomme Hilton for sharing this awesome session with Hot Pink girl you rocked it!  The last image gives me GOOSEBUMPS that flag in the background….YUMMY!



5 thoughts on “Sailor in Love
Sheila Comer

How awesome! What a great idea!

Paulina Splechta

Oh my gosh Tab I am in love!!! What a gorgeous freakin’ shoot! I love it! 🙂


Rachel - theWeddingVine

Fantastic theme! Reminds me of pearl harbour or something like that, love it!!

Regina Marie

OMG! This is gorgeous! I’m left speechless…


Love this 1940’s themes photo shoot! Great outfits and amazing photography!

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